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Falling in love - Time To Do

Falling in love

Falling in love is a strong positively colored feeling (a complex of feelings) directed at another person. But I’m not talking about a person, but about the feeling itself.

Oh, how wonderful it is to be in love, as if you begin to feel the whole life around you, that everything that happens makes sense. There is a surge of strength in your harbor, a desire to do something, to strive for something, to reach new heights. As if you start to flutter, and not walk, and even routine work does not seem so hard. Feeling of lightness and trembling of the soul, like a bunny in the middle of the field, which rushes to meet a new day, without fear and uncertainty.

You can feel love for a person, for his work, music, film, book, fictional character – it doesn’t matter, the main thing is what it means to you.Falling in love is equal to inspiration, because the symptoms are very similar.