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There are so few things and phenomena around us that affect us. And even less what makes you try, work and create. In this article, I tried to collect all the things that are called sources of creative inspiration.

While thinking about what to write in an article about sources of inspiration, I came to the conclusion that for many of us they are individual. It is incredibly difficult for some to find something inspiring, others find inspiration in everything that surrounds them. However, there are some things that most of us draw inspiration from. These things help us find the strength to create. And it is very useful to know them for those who find it difficult to force themselves to do something or who do not succeed as a result of long work: not only artists, poets and musicians, but also everyone who is simply trying to overcome their laziness.

What is inspirationInspiration is a special state of a person, which is characterized by high productivity and a huge upsurge and tension of a person’s strength. “Creative inspiration” is often used in combination, as it is a typical feature and an integral element of creativity. Inspiration is the state of the highest ascent, when the cognitive and emotional spheres of a person are connected and directed towards solving a single creative task. Often in a state of creative inspiration, insights arise.

In moments of creative inspiration, a person has a strong influence on other people, can easily convince them, persuade them to their opinion, idea, lead them. A personal property that provides the opportunity for such a situational influence on others, associated with personal inspiration, is called charisma. The state of inspiration arises in a person who passionately and stubbornly strives for a creative solution to the problem (Wikipedia).

The Problem of Creative InspirationThe problem with creative inspiration lies in the fact that it is quite difficult to achieve it purposefully. In fact, inspiration is the fruit of love for one’s work, some bright idea that is firmly planted in a person’s head, as well as a combination of many circumstances. On the other hand, the problem of inspiration is related to the fact that there is no eternal source of inspiration. We constantly need to look for something new that can motivate us.

How to find inspirationWhat can become a source of inspiration, what will give us a state that is characterized by the ease of movement of thoughts and images, their clarity and completeness, deep feelings, when all cognitive processes are especially productive? People draw inspiration from various sources.

Many of us, and not only scientists, inventors, artists, but also businessmen looking for a new idea, or schoolchildren writing an essay, tried to find inspiration. For some it is easy, for some it is more difficult, for some it is not possible at all. Below I tried to make a selection of the most powerful motivators and inspirers, and also gave some popular quotes from famous creative people.

Examples of sources of inspirationWhere and where do you get inspiration from? Wandering around the Internet, you can find many examples of what inspires creative people. I tried to put together the universal sources of inspiration that are most often mentioned on the web.

Violation of the comfort zone, difficulties and trials. When the comfort zone is violated, a person has a desire to return to a comfortable state again. Overcoming obstacles gives satisfaction and inspires new achievements.

Cognitive dissonance or psychological contradictions. Absolutely all people from time to time experience a state of mental discomfort caused by a clash in their minds of conflicting ideas: ideas, beliefs, values, or emotional reactions. In the event of dissonance, the individual will do his best to reduce the degree of discrepancy between his two attitudes, trying to achieve consonance. This is the source of inspiration.Love is one of the strongest sources of inspiration. Often love as a source of creative impulse is identified only with sublimation, but this is not always the case. Love is not always a reflection of sexual attraction. For example, a mother loves her child, and this is associated with the desire to care for and protect the object of her love. Many great accomplishments were made in the name of love, and poets were inspired by their muses, whose women they truly loved.

Reading. Books are the source of wisdom. Reading is a long-term investment in your development. As we read books, we are constantly accumulating ideas, opinions, points of view, quotations, and symbols so that we can go to work inspired later.

Travels. Trips to new cities and countries, like books, are always new experiences, emotions and a great source of inspiration. Often the most interesting ideas come to us during long trips.

Nature. Its diversity and colors have inspired people at all times. In urban conditions, the influence of nature can be significant: just get out of the city, and you will feel a surge of strength and emotional uplift.

Successful people. Successful people may be in your environment, try to communicate with them as much as possible, adopting their way of thinking and acting. Also, the success of world famous people can become an example and inspire. It can be a banal feeling of envy or, for example, sincere admiration – in any case, someone else’s success can stimulate us to work harder and better.

Music and other forms of art. They evoke a lot of emotions and associations in us, help us break away from everyday life, become a source of creativity. Painting, poetry (poetry), music, theater, cinema, opera.Family and close friends are a source of inspiration, in fact it is love, but also a sense of kinship, something of one’s own. We are owners by nature and we value our relatives and friends, we are inspired by them, we perform significant actions for their sake.

Self-knowledge. Studying human nature, immersing ourselves in our motives and emotions, often helps to learn a lot about ourselves, including how to motivate and inspire ourselves.

Sport. In a healthy body healthy mind. Sport affects our external beauty, and also awakens some of the physical and chemical processes in the body, which can give strength for creation. For example, an evening jog can energize you and inspire you to be creative.

Children. Communicating with children, participating in their upbringing, we often see ourselves in them. We rejoice in their success as our own, we feed on their indefatigable energy and their pure mind.

Memories. You can evoke the feelings you need for inspiration with memories, they can be different depending on what mark they left in your soul. The happiest moments of your life will help create a positive attitude, and sad emotions will make you rethink the experience and start a new life.